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Influenced of sweet corn by sowing dates in potato–sweet corn intercropping system in Charland area of Jamalpur District

Research Paper | February 1, 2018

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Jubaidur Rahman, Mukaddasul Islam Riad, Fouzia Sultana Shikha, Refat Sultana, Mohammad Monirul Hasan Tipu

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Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.12( 2), 9-14, February 2018


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An experiment was conducted at the Regional Agricultural Research Station, Jamalpur during the rabi season of 2014-2015 to find out suitable sowing date of sweet corn as an intercrop with potato, to grow easily two crops in the charland farmers and to find out agro-economic performance of potato + sweet corn intercropping. Six treatments viz., simultaneous sowing of potato and sweet corn, sweet corn sown at 10 days after potato planting (DAPP), sweet corn sown at 20 DAPP, sweet corn sown at 30 DAPP, sole potato and sole sweet corn were tested in this study. Highest potato yield was obtained from sole potato treatment (27.4 t ha-1) which was similar to simultaneous sowing of potato and sweet corn (26.7 t ha-1) and sweet corn sown after 20 days of potato planting (26.7tha-1). Potato equivalent yield (PEY) (38.4 t ha-1)highest gross return Tk. 460350 ha-1, gross margin Tk. 351391 ha-1 and benefit cost ratio 4.23 was observed from simultaneous sowing of potato and sweet corn (T1). The result indicated that simultaneous sowing of potato with sweet corn (T1) best performed in potato yield, sweet corn yield, gross return BCR and PEY compared with the other treatments.


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Influenced of sweet corn by sowing dates in potato–sweet corn intercropping system in Charland area of Jamalpur District

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