Information seeking practices, problems, challenges, preferences and media usage among fishers and farmers: Towards an improved dissemination and utilization of the MangngalApp

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Research Paper 16/02/2024
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Information seeking practices, problems, challenges, preferences and media usage among fishers and farmers: Towards an improved dissemination and utilization of the MangngalApp

Billy S. Javier, Jesty S. Agoto, James Karl A. Agpalza
J. Bio. Env. Sci.24( 2), 73-80, February 2024.
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With the growing demand of communities to be well-informed, this research study determines the information seeking practices, technology awareness of key stakeholders in fishing and farming activities. Specifically, this study provides relevant results along socio-economic characteristics of the participants, their awareness of technology to boost productivity and efficiency, their access and use of media and information as well as their information-seeking practices. The descriptive-survey research design was employed in the study. Findings revealed that most of the participants take a balance in fishing and farming activities based on their socio-economic characteristics. Their access to information relies on available sources of information in their location and available media at home. Their information-seeking practices are dependent on the information needs and preferences of media in the area. Results of the study provides insights to redefining information dissemination practices and strategies catering to the immediate, relevant, and reliable information to fishers, farmers, gatherers, and processors. It is hoped that the study offers opportunity to communicating the different relevant information to the stakeholders. Particularly in this study, it is hoped that the sustained management and upscaling of the MangngalApp, boosts the productivity, cost-efficiency, and faster turnaround. The results are limited at the responses elicited thru questionnaire and focus-group discussions to a coastal community in Northern Cagayan, Philippines.


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