Initial report on retailed reef fishes in Talibon and Pres. Carlos P. Garcia main market, Bohol Province, Philippines

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Research Paper 01/03/2022
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Initial report on retailed reef fishes in Talibon and Pres. Carlos P. Garcia main market, Bohol Province, Philippines

Jesse Jan Galera, Angelo Responte, Armi Gentales-Torres, Ivani Gerasmio, Maria Luisa Orbita
Int. J. Biosci.20( 3), 71-85, March 2022.
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The central Visayas Region has had historical overfishing and persistent illegal, unregulated and destructive fishing practices since the 1970s. Accumulated threats to coral reefs resulted in the reduction of coral cover and coral complexity that led to local loss of species. In the present study, we conducted a fishery survey of reef fishes in the market and fish landing sites of Talibon and Pres. C.P. Garcia. To document the species composition, species diversity (Shannon profiles) and relative abundance, we considered 11 major commercially important coral reef families, namely: Acanthuridae, Scaridae, Lutjanidae, Serranidae, Haemulidae, Mullidae, Lethrinidae, Balistidae, Nemipteridae, Caesionidae and Siganidae. The study recorded a total of 158 reef species in the studied sites; 143 species were recorded in Talibon, while 134 species in Pres. C.P. Garcia. The most numerous species from 11 reef families were recorded to Serranidae, Scaridae, and Lutjanida. Further investigation showed that the relative abundance of reef species differed at each market site (p<0.05). In Talibon, Siganidae, Nemipteridae, and Scaridae were the most dominant reef families at 19%, 15%, and 14%, respectively. In Pres. C.P. Garcia, Nemipteridae recorded the highest relative abundance (17%), followed by Siganidae (14%) and Caesionidae (13%). Both surveyed sites have similar records for the least dominant reef families, such as Balistidae and Haemulidae. The initial findings of the market fishery survey could provide insight for stakeholders in the promulgation and implementation of local management and conservation policies.


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