Intraspecific hybridization of native and exotic strains of Clarias gariepinus and growth performance of hybrid fry in South Western, Cameroon

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Research Paper 13/06/2023
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Intraspecific hybridization of native and exotic strains of Clarias gariepinus and growth performance of hybrid fry in South Western, Cameroon

Mbeng A. Arrey, Benedicta O. Oben, Ambeno F. Narika, Geneva O. Nkongho, Fomekong R. Mofor, Tambekong T. Arrey, Muafor G. Chinda, Pius M. Oben
Int. J. Biosci.22( 6), 171-179, June 2023.
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Increase in global population has resulted in a drastic rise in demand of fish and fisheries products hence increased aquaculture production is clearly needed to meet this demand. Intraspecific hybridization was carried out between a Native Cameroon (NS), an Exotic Hybrid (EH) strain of Clarias gariepinus and their reciprocal hybrids with the aim of producing high per formant and resistant seed with improved hatchability, survival, and growth performance under indoor conditions in order to increase fish seed production. The effect of hybridization on growth performance and survival of 3000 Clarias gariepinus fry fed shell-free artemia was evaluated under indoor conditions for 14 days. Fertilization rate was highest in the NS♀ x EH♂ hybrid (45.50%) (P<0.05). Hatchability was higher in the pure parent crosses (41.10% and 36.82%, respectively) (P=0.05). Hatchability also differed significantly (P<0.05) between the EH♀ x NS♂ (20.60%) and the NS♀ x EH♂ (08.73%) hybrids. Percentage survival was significantly higher in the pure EH cross (75.87%) than in the pure NS cross (50.93%). Percentage survival was higher in the NS♀ x EH♂ hybrid than in the EH♀ x NS♂, although not significantly (P>0.05). Weight gain was highest in the pure NS (22.85mg), followed by pure EH (11.51mg), NS♀ × EH♂ (10.47mg) and EH♀ x♂ NS (9.53mg) (P<0.05). There was no significant difference across the treatments in length increase (P>0.05). Based on the significantly higher values of fertilization and survival rates, the hybrid crosses are more desirable for use in aquaculture than the native parent cross.


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