Introduction of seed treatment techniques (seed priming)

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Review Paper 01/05/2013
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Introduction of seed treatment techniques (seed priming)

Marziyeh Hoseini, Faride Feqenabi, Mehdi Tajbakhsh, Hajiyeh Babazadeh-Igdir
Int. J. Biosci.3( 5), 1-12, May 2013.
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The increasing population of the world and everlasting demand for food on one hand, and the limitations present on expanding farmlands on the other hand provokes incentives for scientists to innovate more efficient methods for making improvements in crops production. For meeting this need, numerous methods have been developed that can be classified in two general groups: crop production and crop eugenic. Applying these methods is a complicated practice because the activity of plants depends on many factors including climatic conditions, soil, plant-specific factors and existing interactions between each. However, many exploratory researches are dedicated to this field now. One of the most common approaches that have been adopted by many countries is pre-farming treatment. The previous century was the age of dominance for chemical treatments. Although these methods proved to be efficient in increasing the productivity of crops, they had harmful side effects on environment. So, the focus of scientists and scientific researches has shifted toward the biophysical methods.


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