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Investigating body shape variation of Oreochromis mosambicus (Peters, 1852) sampled from Lake Mainit, Mindanao, Philippines

Research Paper | December 1, 2019

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Virgilio B. Ratunil Jr, Clevin P. Libay, Gideon A. Ebarsabal, Gregorio Z. Gamboa Jr, Dexter Q. Mahomoc, Cresencio C. Cabuga Jr.

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.15( 6), 82-91, December 2019


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Ecological differentiation in terms of spatial and temporal condition highly attributes changes of the organism from genotypic to phenotypic composition and thus affecting morphological structures. This study aims to investigate the body shape variation in the population of Oreochromis mosambicus; Peters 1852 sampled from Lake Mainit, Mindanao, Philippines using Geometric Morphometric analysis. The endemic O. mosambicus constitute a significant fishery resource in the study area. Thus, they are economically important fish species. A total of 60 individuals comprises of 30 males, and 30 females were collected. The sample collection was done in July 2019. Female and male samples were subjected to Symmetry and Asymmetry Geometric Data Software (SAGE). Results show that both female and male samples obtain a highly significant difference P<0.0001 from the data provided through Procrustes ANOVA and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) showing high fluctuating asymmetry (FA) levels in female 57.52% when compared in males 52.78%. This show a body shape variation among the sexes while the natural settings play a major component for shifting shape and forms of organims. Thus, the importance of using Geometric Morphometric analysis allows to scrutinize the shape variation of fishes among and between populations and thus clearly defines structures.


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Investigating body shape variation of Oreochromis mosambicus (Peters, 1852) sampled from Lake Mainit, Mindanao, Philippines

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