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Research Paper | March 1, 2014

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Investigating quality indices of industrial wastewater of bangestan gas compressor station for irrigating green space

A.Gholami, M.Chehrenamayenaseri, E.Panahpour

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.4(3), 319-322, March 2014


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In recent years, reusing water due to water shortage, the need for new water sources and modifying environmental problems by this way were particularly considered in Iran. This research was conducted in Gas Compressor Station in Ahvaz district (Bangestan) Karoon Company, oil, water and soil basins were sampled and samples were transferred to the laboratory to analyze soil and water quality parameters. Mixing basins water was analyzed in terms of EC, TDS, TSS, and pH and then was assessed in several different dilution levels according to the level of water quality. Analysis performed on basin water included measuring total suspended solids salts, total soluble salts, electrical conductivity and soil reaction. The results showed that, among mixing samples, the one tested by the treatment of 75% irrigation water and 25% water separated was more appropriate for irrigating green space than the other samples. In this treatment, Bangestan Gas Compressor Station sample had TSS=3.093 mg/lit and TDS= 980 mg/lit, the results showed that the use of unconventional water for environmental purposes required specific management, which in addition to desirable utilization did not have environmental and health hazards in the soil, plant, and surface and underground water resources.


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Investigating quality indices of industrial wastewater of bangestan gas compressor station for irrigating green space

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