Investigating the interactive effect of humic acid and different levels of potassium fertilizer on yield components of cowpea

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Research Paper 01/06/2014
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Investigating the interactive effect of humic acid and different levels of potassium fertilizer on yield components of cowpea

Sahar Motaghi, Tayeb Saki Nejad, Mani Mojadam
J. Bio. Env. Sci.4( 6), 456-464, June 2014.
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In order to investigate the interactive effect of humic acid and different levels of potassium fertilizer on yield components of cowpea, a split plot experiment as randomized complete block design with four replications was carried out in Shahid Salemi Field in Ahvaz in 2011-2012. The experiment included studied factors involving three levels of potassium fertilizer (0, 200, 300 kg/ha) and three levels of humic acid fertilizer (0, 50, 100 ppm). Potassium fertilizer was applied before sowing and humic acid was used before flowering stage. The results of the research showed that the main effect of different levels of potassium fertilizer and humic acid on biological yield, harvest index, 100-grain weight, number of pods per plant, number of grains, and weight of pod was statistically significant at 1% level. Comparison of means via Duncan’s test showed that the highest grain yield by 279.06 kg/ha was obtained through the use of 300 kg/ha potassium fertilizer. Moreover, the application of 200 and 300 kg/ha potassium fertilizer significantly increased the number of pods per plant in comparison to lack of its application. However, there was no significant difference between the two levels. The obtained results indicate that it is possible to increase crops yield through the application of humic acid and potassium fertilizer.


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