Investigation in qualitative characteristics of breed wheat cultivars using biochemical-molecular markers and micronutrients

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Research Paper 01/11/2017
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Investigation in qualitative characteristics of breed wheat cultivars using biochemical-molecular markers and micronutrients

Jafar Ahmadi
J. Bio. Env. Sci.11( 5), 149-160, November 2017.
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This experiment was aimed to investigate the genetic diversity of high and low molecular weight glutenin subunits along with Fe and Zn concentrations in grains of 17 wheat cultivars/lines. For this, Total grain protein was extracted and electrophoresis of HMW-GS was carried out using SDS-PAGE on poly acrylamide gels. Specific primers were selected for LMW-GS and glidine subunits and PCR products were separated on agarose gels. Grain samples were analyzed for zinc and iron using atomic absorption spectroscopy. The most common composition of HMW-GS subunits was (null, 7+8, 2+12). Also, compositions (2*, 7+8, 5+10), (1, 7+8/6+8, 5+10) and (null, 17+18, 5+10) that give the maximum quality grade 10, 10/8 and 8 to the genotypes possessing them, were observed in Sasyon, Gaspard, and LineA, respectively. Maximum LMW-GS and gliadin alleles number, 11, 10, 10, 10, 9, 9, 9, that give highly potential quality to the genotypes possessing them, were observed in Niknejad, Sasyon, Shahpasand, Bayat, Shahriyar, Sorkhtokhm and Darya, respectively. Among studied genotypes, the concentrations of grain Fe varied by 1.80 fold, ranging from 25.28 (Sorkhtokhm) to 45.62 (LineA) µg.g-1, and grain Zn varied by 2.49 fold, from 28.85 (Sepahan) to 72.04 (Alamut) µg.g-1. Also, highly positive correlation was observed between grains Fe with Zn. In conclusion Niknejad, Sasyon and LineA with high potential of the bakery property and iron and zinc contents altogether were introduced as appropriate candidate parents in future wheat breeding programs.


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