Investigation of biogas emitted from a dairy plant lagoon and proposing an innovative Honeycomb Gas Collector(HGC)

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Research Paper 01/09/2019
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Investigation of biogas emitted from a dairy plant lagoon and proposing an innovative Honeycomb Gas Collector(HGC)

Leila Peyman, Hamid Reza GHassemzadeh, Shamsollah Abdollahpoor, Hassan Taghipour
J. Bio. Env. Sci.15( 3), 1-9, September 2019.
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Peghah Dairy Plant in Tabriz, Iran, near Shahid Madani International Airport uses a combination of two wastewater treatment systems, namely, lagoon and activated sludge system. Presence of a lagoons near airports can affect passengers getting off the planes due to unpleasant odor and has always been a controversial issue from the urban planners’ point of view. Most of the biological activities in the lagoons are anaerobic producing odorous gases as a result. On the other hand, biogas produced by biological activities enters into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. To avoid an environmentally adverse effects of the emitted gases from the lagoon in Peghah Diary Plant in Tabriz, the possibility of using the collected gases from the lagoon in heating processes within the plant was studied. In this study, a single experimental unit of an innovative gas collector, named Honeycomb Gas Collector (HGC), was designed and constructed to cover the surface of the lagoon and lagoon inputs were recorded and samples of biogas from the lagoon were collected and analyzed during April 2016 until March 2019. The highest daily amount of 44.82 m3 biogas from the entire lagoon was recoded in August 2016. Temperature and pH had the most and least significant effect on biogas production respectively. There was a strong relationship with a coefficient of 0.94 between the temperature and the volume of biogas produced. This system proved to be less costly and maintenance free method for covering the lagoon surface.


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