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Investigation of different priming techniques on seed germination of Papaver species

Research Paper | February 1, 2014

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Sajedeh Golmohammadzadeh, Faezeh Zaefarian, Mohammad Rezvani

Key Words: Seed dormancy, Hydropriming, Potassium nitrate, Gibberellic acid

Int. J. Biosci.4( 3), 1-9, February 2014

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12692/ijb/4.3.1-9


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Seed dormancy is important as an adaptive trait for weeds that help ensure the continuance of weed species in the soil seed bank. This study examined the effects of some priming treatments including hydropriming, gibberellic acid (GA3), potassium nitrate (KNO3), priming duration and light regime on seed dormancy breaking of Papaver rhoeas and P. dubium. The result showed that all treatments significantly stimulated germination of both Papaver species. Soaking seeds in distilled water led to significant increase in germination in both species. Maximum germination percentage was observed for 24 h hydro-priming treatments (32.4% for P. dubium and 34.6% for P. rhoeas) in light/dark condition. In general 0.5 g.L-1 KNO3 treatments resulted in more vigorous seed germination in both species at any duration compared to any other concentration of the potassium nitrate. In both species the highest seed germination was achieved when the seeds were treated 24 h with 0.5 g.L-1 KNO3 solution but it was decreased in 6 g.L-1. Among the priming treatments with GA3, the highest germination of both species was recorded in seed treated with 500 and 750 ppm GA3 respectively in P. dubium and P. rhoeas for 48h.


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Investigation of different priming techniques on seed germination of Papaver species

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