Investigation of forest area and density changes in Lorestan province using aerial photos interpretation and GIS in the past half century (A case study: Kakareza region, Lorestan province)

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Research Paper 01/08/2013
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Investigation of forest area and density changes in Lorestan province using aerial photos interpretation and GIS in the past half century (A case study: Kakareza region, Lorestan province)

Arash Drikvand, Mehri Khosravi, Amin Haidarpoure Monfared, Amir Ahmadi
Int. J. Biosci.3( 8), 272-278, August 2013.
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This study located in the Oak trees coppice of kuckureza situated on 45th kilometers on the way to Aleshtar from northeast of Khorramabad at the middle area of zugross. In this study cognitional changes (area and accumulation) of these forests is studied via pictures taken from the air in (1:55000) and in 1376 (1:40000). For this purpose, geometric corrections are done as the movement correction issued from ups and downs on the pictures taken in the air is performed, then the forest frontier localities are fixed through sight inter pretation and thickness layers of canopy was appointed in a dotted network with the width of 2 millimeters. The frontier line of separated layers is drawn in Arcview software in the form of closed polygons and the area of these polygons are measured separately. Then any changes in area of these polygons in every stage of photographs are compared through software and the layer changes of the thickness of canopy are provided. The study didn’t show a noticeable change during last four decades. It shows a decrease on its area from 2593 hectares in 1334 to 2577 hectares in 1376.And in fact it has decreased 16 hectares during last forty-two years. And 16 percent of canopy in 1334 was high over 50 percent. While it lessened to 12 percent in 1376.which seems to be issued from felling off trees and firing in the past. And also the forest canopy of 47 percent of these forests was (5-25) percent in 1334 and it increased to 48 percent. In 1376 and 3 percent of increasing was the result of effective controlling and forestry plans. And in -semi- thick (25-50) percent no considerable change is found.


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