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Investigation of habitat characteristic of Phlomis cancellata Bunge. in Mazandaran Province, in Iran

Research Paper | February 1, 2015

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Mohanna Deylamsalehi, Esfandiar Jahantab, Rohallah Jahanbin, Mohammad Akbarzadeh

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 2), 156-160, February 2015


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Phlomis cancellata Bunge. is a native plant belongs to Labiatae family which can used morein modern medicine and different industries for its essential oil particulars, in addition to Iranian folk medicine. The research has been conducted with the purpose of investigating the of habitat characteristic of Phlomis cancellata Bunge. In Mazandaran province in Iran. Topographic, climatologic information derived of the maps of them. Soil data (including organic carbon, clay, Silt, Sand, EC, pH, N, P, K and Caco3) and vegetative cover data (i.e. coverage percent, and frequency of species) have been collected using establishing the quadrates and analyzed. Results showed that the species grows in the heights 1700 to 3240 m in all directions. Also P.cancellatais growing in slope gradient from 10% site to 48% . Minimum temperature of the region is -5 ˚C and its maximum temperature is to 22 ˚C. Annual rainfall is about 650 mm based on a neighbor station that often consists of snow. Analysis of the study region soil showed that P. cancellata growing in sandy loam and silty loam. Also, N of soil was /03 to /85, P of soil was 5 to 130/96 and K of soil was 118 to 418. Habitat of P. cancellata species is located in 6/5 to 44 caco3. The PH of soil was 6/5 to 8/2 , EC of soil 0/1 to 0/7 ml/cm. Results showed that form all factors, temperature has the highest role in distribution of species.


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Investigation of habitat characteristic of Phlomis cancellata Bunge. in Mazandaran Province, in Iran

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