Investigation of leaching process heavy metals (Fe, Zn) in the soil under sewage sludge application by using hydrus-1D

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Research Paper 01/10/2014
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Investigation of leaching process heavy metals (Fe, Zn) in the soil under sewage sludge application by using hydrus-1D

Azita Behbahaninia, Maryam Farahani
J. Bio. Env. Sci.5( 4), 35-41, October 2014.
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Transport of dissolved material in the soil is a dynamic process which a set of differential equations that are solved with the help of computers. Hydrus-1D software is one of the most advanced software in conjunction with one-dimensional movement of water, salts in the soil. In the present study, changes in Fe and Zn concentrations were measured in soils and leaching water affected by wastewater and sludge. Concentrations of heavy metals were considered in wastewater and sludge as boundary conditions on the flow of incoming water, the concentration of iron and zinc were identified in leaching water as the downstream boundary. Considering the equilibrium model Crank Nicholson and Galerkin finite element by software Haydrus, concentration changes of Iron and Zinc was simulated over irrigation period. For this purpose the software Haydrus numbered 1 to number of soil layers, Depth of 100 cm, the depth of groundwater. Time period of irrigation was 150 days. Distribution curves of Fe and Zn concentrations in the soil profile shows the experimental results with computational results obtained from the model are similar. And it can be applied in order to determine the concentration distribution of metals in the non- Unsaturated zone soil and anticipated arrival time to a specified depth. It can be used to control metal concentrations in the soil and groundwater. Accuracy and validity of the model by experimental results has been confirmed for iron and zinc and it can be used in practical cases safely.


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