Investigation of nursery treatments on sea buckthorn (Elaeagnus rhamnoides (L.) A. Nelson) seed germination in the field

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Research Paper 01/06/2014
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Investigation of nursery treatments on sea buckthorn (Elaeagnus rhamnoides (L.) A. Nelson) seed germination in the field

Hamid Ahani, Hamid Jalilvand, Jamil Vaezi, Seyed Ehsan Sadati
J. Bio. Env. Sci.4( 6), 8-18, June 2014.
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This study was conducted for the first time in nursery treatment in order to pioneer forest trees of the species Elaeagnus rhamnoides and also to determine the effects of different treatments on seed germination in Iran. This species is resistance for plantation. Seeds originating from Qazvin province were placed in the nursery. Treatments comprised three factors including seed pretreatments (control, cold, ice water, hot water, lime juice and Gibberellin acid), soils (control, Stockosorb, sand and compost) and irrigation (control and supplementary water). These treatments were accomplished in CRD experimental designs with five replicates. At the end (65st day) we evaluated the number and percentage of germination, the number of days until germination, the mean germination time, germination rate, germination energy, the maximum germination and germination value. Results show that the means of germination percent in control irrigation were 7.5, 23.75, 21.25, 0, 15, and 42.5. Average germination percentage of pretreatments and the same attributes with supplementary irrigation were 1.25, 43.75, 35, 1.25, 8.75, and 46.25. Mean of germination in soil factor were 0.83, 3.54, 8.12 and 8.02. Germination in all treatments and at whole levels was on average 20.52 percent. The highest germination percentage and the highest average germination were observed in the sand and in the Gibberellin treatment, respectively.


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