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Climate change awareness and mitigation practices of preservice teachers

By: Narcitas B. Ouano

Key Words: Environmental awareness, Biodiversity, Climate change awareness, Descriptive-survey design, Philippines.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 13(2), 346-352, August 2018.

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A well-informed educator is influential to magnify the positive attitude and practices towards climate change and the easiest way of reaching out with students is through education. Hence, abatement of the ill effects of climate change is necessary in the present time. This study assessed the level of awareness of the preservice teachers on climate change, its impacts and their mitigation practices. The study is a descriptive research design with open and closed-ended survey instruments administered to 500 randomly chosen College of Teacher Education students of CSU Sanchez Mira. Findings reveal that the respondents have a low level of climate change awareness. The reported impacts of climate change in their own perspective are changes in rainfall patterns in the locality, excessive heat and lower incidence of strong typhoons during the past few years. Proper waste disposal, tree planting, inclusion of climate change topics in the school subjects and wider researches along adaptation practices are among the popular mitigation practices they identified. The study concludes that the impacts of climate change are not always negative. The change has led the people to adopt new technologies, crops and livestock that gave them even a higher income. New cropping patterns and production technologies must be studied to suit to the new weather condition.

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Climate change awareness and mitigation practices of preservice teachers

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Narcitas B. Ouano.
Climate change awareness and mitigation practices of preservice teachers.
J. Bio. Env. Sci. 13(2), 346-352, August 2018.
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