Karyotype analysis and meiosis in Coryphosima stenoptera producta (Walker) and Chirista compta (Walker) (Orthoptera: Acrididae: Acridinae) from Cameroon

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Research Paper 01/12/2012
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Karyotype analysis and meiosis in Coryphosima stenoptera producta (Walker) and Chirista compta (Walker) (Orthoptera: Acrididae: Acridinae) from Cameroon

Richard Akwanjoh Seino, Sévilor Kekeunou, Tonleu Ingrid Dongmo, Yacouba Manjeli
Int. J. Biosci.2( 12), 168-176, December 2012.
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This article describes the hitherto unknown karyotypes of the short-horned grasshoppers Coryphosima stenoptera producta (Walker) and Chirista compta (Walker) that belong to the family Acrididae and subfamily Acridinae of the order Orthoptera. Chromosomes smears prepared by the lactic-propionic-orcein squash technique and chromosome analysis performed in the two species revealed a conserved karyotype of 2N= 23, XO in males composed exclusively of acrocentric chromosomes. The chromosomes occurred in size groups of long (L), medium (M) and short (S). In C. stenoptera producta were 2LL + 6MM + 3SS chromosomes whereas in C. compta were 4LL + 4MM + 3SS chromosomes. The X chromosome was medium in size in both species with mean lengths of 5.60μm ± 0.56 in C. s. producta and 7.3 μm ± 0.52 in C. compta. The mean chiasma frequency was found to be 12.20 ± 0.77 and 16.20 ± 0.72 in C. stenoptera producta and C. compta respectively. The significantly lower chiasma frequency found in C. stenoptera producta could have been due to the consistent absence of bivalents with 3 or more chiasmata in this population. Bivalents with 1 chiasma contributed most to cell chiasma frequency in C. stenoptera producta, while bivalents with 2 chiasmata contributed most to cell chiasma frequency in C. compta. This article aims to offer some basal data for the cytotaxonomy of the Orthoptera.


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