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Land use with agroforestry system in North Kalimantan Province Indonesia State

Research Paper | March 1, 2020

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Marlan Usmani Putra, Rujehan, Mustofa Agung Sarjono, Paulus Matius, Ahyauddin

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Int. J. Biosci.16( 3), 183-195, March 2020

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12692/ijb/16.3.183-195


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The combination pattern in the Agroforestry system in a plot of land is determined by its constituent components, one of which is to look at tree vegetation that has the highest importance index. So the purpose of this study was to determine the pattern of agroforestry combination carried out by the community in Long Beluah Village and to find out the dominant tree species cultivated by respondent farmers in Long Beluah Village. The method used in this research was interview and survey methods. The field observation data collection was doneby using terraced path method. Furthermore, the data were analyzed descriptively and quantitatively and were calculated using Importance Value Index, while the data obtained from the agencies and the relevant agencies were processed with tabulation and were described descriptively in narrative form. The conclusion of this study is that the most common agroforestry combination patterns carried out by the community of Long Beluah Village are agrosilpopastura with a percentage of 36%, followed by agrosilvopastura fisheri and agrisilvikultur with a percentage of 16%, agrosilvofisheri 12% and Silvopastura by 8%. Then the types of tree plants that dominated in Long Beluah Village were rambutan plants with an important value index of 31.08% then followed by other tree species such as langsat by 28.38%, mangoes by 24.60%, Durian by 24.38% , coconut at 16.93%, sugar palm at 15.15%, cempedak at 14.45, salak at 13.88% and rambai at 9.77%. The recommendation of this research is that the potential of local fruits that have high economic value continues to be developed such as local durian and elai. Then the livestock component so that its utilization is more maximized by utilizing cow manure and urine for fertilizer.


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Land use with agroforestry system in North Kalimantan Province Indonesia State

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