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Research Paper | July 1, 2015

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Macroepiphytes and macroalgae (Phaeophyceae, rhodophyceae and chlorophyceae) in the nador lagoon (Morocco)

Mohamed Ramdani, Fatima Sahnouni, Benyounes Haloui, Najat Elkhiati, Roger Flower Abdelhakim Mesfioui, Mohammed Ramdani

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.7(1), 252-261, July 2015


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Many species of marine macroalgae support the development of attached communities on their external surfaces, studies on epiphytic algal communities are however rare in lagoonal environments. A major management plan was begun (2014) in the Nador Lagoon and this study was undertaken between 2012 and 2014 to investigate the diversity of the pre-impact epiphytic communities. As part a biodiversity assessment programme, 112 benthic algal macrophyte species were collected over the 3 year sampling period. 63 of macroepiphyte species were identified in this material. Similarities of epiphytic assemblages on different host algae and associations between epiphytes and thallus complexity were assessed. The aquatic algal macrophyte species list comprised 60 Rhodophyceae, 19 Phaeophyceae, 31 Chlorophyceae and, 2 Phanerogame species after the monitoring of 8 sampling stations. The species composition, phenology and ecological aspects of these algae indicated a dominance of macroalgae species with an Atlantic origin.


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Macroepiphytes and macroalgae (Phaeophyceae, rhodophyceae and chlorophyceae) in the nador lagoon (Morocco)

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