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Measurement and evaluation of heavy metals (Ag, Cd, Cu, Fe) pollution in sediments of Tashklake (Fars, Iran)

Research Paper | June 1, 2015

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Atefeh Hooshangiyan Shirazi, Mehrdad Karimi

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 6), 448-454, June 2015


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Tashklake is located 161 kilometers southeast of Shiraz and 15 kilometers West of Neyriz N 22 ° 21’11” and E15 °11’1.86″. Due to the role of heavy elements in the creation of ecological conditions and their impact on human and other organisms’ health, studying the environmental impacts of heavy metals on Tashk lake and environmental conditions of lake sediments are very important .Therefore, this study is done to identify the distribution of heavy metals (Ag, Cd, Cu, Fe ) sediments of Tashk lake. To investigate the distribution and the movement of potentially toxic elements, sampling was conducted from 11 stations throughout the region, and fine-grained clay samples (particles smaller than 63 microns) were chemically analyzed using ICP-OES method. The results indicated that, in this range, enrichment factor for elements (Ag, Cd, Cu, Fe) is low, geoaccumulation index for each of the 4 elements (Ag, Cd, Cu, Fe) was observed to be low. Pollution index for each of the four elements and the percentage of anthropogenic factors for Fe is moderate and for (Ag, Cd, Cu) is low.


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Measurement and evaluation of heavy metals (Ag, Cd, Cu, Fe) pollution in sediments of Tashklake (Fars, Iran)

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