Measurement of indexes agricultural mechanization in agriculture and horticulture crops in Fars Province

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Research Paper 01/12/2013
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Measurement of indexes agricultural mechanization in agriculture and horticulture crops in Fars Province


Fars province due to favorable conditions for agriculture is one of the most important areas of crop production in Iran. This research for agricultural mechanization status by identifying and measuring important indicators of the level and capacity of mechanization of farming and gardening in Fars province.Data for this study were collected through interviews and completion of 684 questionnaires and ministry of Agriculture Statistics. For all tractors and combines useful life of 13 years was considered. The conversion factor is computation according to the following useful life of 13 years for an average of 0.75 per unit and after useful life of 13 years for devices worn-out at 0.5 was considered significant. In this study it was all tractors of the 22531 device is active, the number 10476 (46.5 percent) are in the range of useful life. Total numbers of combines is 2089, that 1160 units (55.5 percent) are in the range of useful life. In other words, the fleet of combines is younger than tractors fleet. The results showed that is capacity of the level of mechanization, regardless of orchards 1711.3 (hp-hr/ha) and taking 50% of gardens 1410.7 (hp-hr/ha), and the level of agricultural mechanization 1.89 (hp/ha) and 50% in terms of level gardens1.46 (hp/ha). Agricultural mechanization level in Fars province (1.89 (hp/ha)) was higher than the national average (1.5(hp/ha).


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