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Microbiological control of raw milk obtained from Red and Black Holstein Cows in second week of postpartum period to determine cow health

Research Paper | January 1, 2019

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Özlem Ertekin, Murat Çimen, YelizYilmaz

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.14( 1), 172-174, January 2019


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In the study, total 20 cows (10 Red and 10 Black Holstein) were used. The observed means for somatic cell counts (SCC) and total bacteria counts (TBC) of both groups were compared with the cow health standards for subclinical mastitis test (max. 200000 cells/ml for SCC and max. 1000 cells/ml for TBC) using one-sample t test. The SCC means in both Holstein groups were lower than critical thresholds for subclinical mastitis, whereas TBC means in both groups were statistically higher than critical thresholds. According to findings in our study, we can say that diagnosis of subclinical mastitis was not found according to the SCC means even if the TBC means of both groups were higher than the critical threshold. The SCC is more useful indicator for mastitis detection in raw milk than TBC. It is not reliable that TBC is the only criterion for mastitis detection in raw milk.


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Microbiological control of raw milk obtained from Red and Black Holstein Cows in second week of postpartum period to determine cow health

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