Mineral digestibility of Labeo rohita fingerlings fed on cottonseed meal based diets supplemented with citric acid and phytase enzyme

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Research Paper 01/02/2016
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Mineral digestibility of Labeo rohita fingerlings fed on cottonseed meal based diets supplemented with citric acid and phytase enzyme

Syed Makhdoom Hussain, Shahtaj Ahmad, Muhammad Mudassar Shahzad, Muhammad Zubair Ul Hassan Arsalan, Danish Riaz, Nisar Ahmad, Sadia Tabassum, Abdul Wahab Ahmad
Int. J. Biosci.8( 2), 25-35, February 2016.
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Present study was conducted to investigate the synergistic effects of citric acid and phytase enzyme on mineral digestibility of Labeo rohita fingerlings fed on cottonseed meal based diets. Nine isonitrogenous and isoenergetic test diets were formed by supplementation of different graded levels (0, 400 and 800 FTU kg־¹) of phytase and CA (0%, 2% and 4%). Fingerlings were fed at the rate of 5% of live wet weight. Feces were collected from fecal collecting tube. Chromic oxide was added in the feed at 1% as indigestible marker. Highest digestibility values (%) of Ca, P, Na, K, Mg, Cu, Mn, Zn and Fe were observed at 400 FTU kg-1 level with 4% citric acid and these values differed significantly (p<0.05) from the all other test diets. From the present results it was concluded that 4% of citric acid with 400 FTU kg-1 level is sufficient to release chelated minerals to improve overall performance of Labeo rohita fingerlings.


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