Molecular comparison of Clarias batrachus (Linnaeus, 1758) found in India with the species reported from Bangladesh

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Research Paper 01/06/2015
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Molecular comparison of Clarias batrachus (Linnaeus, 1758) found in India with the species reported from Bangladesh

Shobhna, Haren Ram Chiary, Seema Jain, Hridaya Shanker Singh
J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 6), 253-257, June 2015.
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In the present study molecular comparison of Clarias batrachus from Meerut, India was done with the same species reported from Bangladesh using 16S rRNA. Since, they are morphologically similar, the conservedness in sequences has been studied using ExpaRNA (online software). Besides this, the study is also supported by motif prediction using MEME online software which can be considered as a promising tool for fish species identification. This molecular comparison reveals intraspecific genetic variation in 16S rRNA sequences of C.batrachus from two geographically different locations due to phylogeographic factors.


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