Morpho-species of common Silverbellies (Family:Leiognathidae) found in East Java’s Coastal Sea, Indonesia

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Research Paper 01/08/2014
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Morpho-species of common Silverbellies (Family:Leiognathidae) found in East Java’s Coastal Sea, Indonesia

D.G.R. Wiadnya, Widodo, Marsoedi, W.E. Kusuma, D. Setyohadi, Soemarno
J. Bio. Env. Sci.5( 2), 107-121, August 2014.
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All leiognathid’s species within catch of Indonesia’s fisheries are grouped into single category, locally name peperek. Separating them into genus or even species category is important in terms of fisheries management. A fishery-based data were collected from seven different fish landing centers in East Java, from January 2012 to January 2014. All species of family Leiognathidae were identified based on morpho-characters and named to the newest and valid nomenclature. The results showed there at least 15 different species found in the catches, but two species were still nomen dubium (not confirmed). All the nine genera of Leiognathidae were found in East Java as represented in the catches, being: Aurigequula, Deveximentum, Equulites, Eubleekeria, Gazza, Leiognathus, Karalla, Nuchequula, and Photopectoralis. Genus Aurigequula, Deveximentum, and Nuchequula, although found in Indonesia, the name have never been up dated. Each genus was clearly identifiable and distinguishable one to the others. With the help of a practical (pictorial) guide, short training, and some field experience, field fishery enumerators would be able to identify most species of family Leiognathidae from fresh sample. Body-shape, body coloration and color pattern, and specific marking are three main characters applicable to separate most of the species.


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