Morphometric characterization of upstream mountainous watershed using geographic information system (GIS): high valley of Tifnoute-High Moroccan Atlas

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Research Paper 01/12/2014
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Morphometric characterization of upstream mountainous watershed using geographic information system (GIS): high valley of Tifnoute-High Moroccan Atlas

Lamyaa Kacem, Brahim Igmoullan, Soraya Mokhtari, Hicham Amar, M'bark Agoussine
J. Bio. Env. Sci.5( 6), 62-66, December 2014.
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The National park of Toubkal, was creates in 1942, in the High Moroccan Atlas, one of the regions rich in biodiversity, constitutes in addition, a very interesting cultural heritage. Sheltering more the high summits in North of Africa (Toubkal 4167 meter), and is characterized by very important watershed resources. The high valley of Tifnoute is a basin belonged to this Park; the choice of this research topic was guided by the concern of better, to develop, and preserve this Park. The Morphometric and environmental analysis gives us a general idea about drainage of water, and different characteristics of watershed .To determine a different parameters of the high valley of Tifnoute we used geographic information system (GIS).The results clearly indicate the basin is characterized by a very high altitudes, dendritic drainage and strong slopes, which can influence the environmental lithologie in the study area.


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