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NDM-1 gene detection from Metallobeta lactamase (MBL) producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa: A pilot study from a teritiary care centre

Research Paper | July 1, 2019

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K. Archana Rao, S. Sangeetha, SA. Lakshminarayana

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Int. J. Micro. Myco.10( 1), 1-7, July 2019


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Multidrug resistant bacteria always remain a great challenge. The latest threat being New Delhi Metallobetalactamase-1 (NDM-1) a superbug has brought notoriety to Indian Health care. NDM-1 refers to the transmissible genetic element encoding multiple resistant genes, first isolated from a strain of Klebsiella spp. in New Delhi, India, which has the ability to hydrolyse beta lactams and carbapenams. Detection of NDM-1 gene in multidrug resistant Pseudomonas isolates from various clinical samples. 200 Pseudomonas species were isolated in Microbiology laboratory during one year period were included in the study. Samples were processed as per Standard operating procedures. Antibiotic sensitivity testing was done by Kirby-Bauer disc diffusion method. The results were interpreted as per CLSI guidelines. MBL detection was done, by using EDTA Double Disc Synergy Test and Imipenem [I]-EDTA Combined Disc Test. MBL positive isolates were subjected to conventional PCR for genotyping & detection of NDM-1. A cross sectional descriptive study. Out of 12545 samples that were received in microbiology laboratory, 299 Non-Fermenting Gram Negative Bacilli [NFGNB] were isolated of which 200 were speciated as Pseudomonas aeruginosa. 20/200 [10%] were resistant to imipenem and 24/200 [12%] to meropenem. 10% of isolates showed MBL positive. NDM-1 gene was not detected in any of the 20 MBL positive isolates. NDM-1 gene since its origin has caused chaos in the health care facility with its ability to cause various infections. Detection is possible only with molecular methods. Thus gene detection plays a pivotal role in patient treatment and reduction of hospital stay. (Pseudomonas, multidrug resistant, New Delhi Metallobetalactamase-1, super bugs).


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NDM-1 gene detection from Metallobeta lactamase (MBL) producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa: A pilot study from a teritiary care centre

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