Nitrogen effects on sunflower growth: a review

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Review Paper 01/06/2018
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Nitrogen effects on sunflower growth: a review

Muhammad Irfan Ahmad, Amjed Ali, Liang He, Abdul Latif, Asad Abbas, Jalil Ahmad, Muhammad ZulfiqarAhmad, Waleed Asghar, Muhammad Bilal, Muhammad Tariq Mahmood
Int. J. Biosci.12( 6), 91-101, June 2018.
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Sunflower crop is very important in the world according to its quantity and quality among the new oil seed crops. The different strategies have been adopted to improve the yield of sunflower crop. One is to increase the achene yield is essential need of nitrogen fertilizer, and has a greatest impact on leaf size, number of leaves, head diameter, number of achene per head, 1000- achene weight and increase the seed yield. On other hand, by increasing the level of nitrogenous fertilizer, rapid enhance the leaf area development and life of leaves can be observed. Increase leaf area duration after flowering and enhance on the whole crop assimilation, consequently contributing to increase seed production. By sufficient supply of N application plays an important role to increase the head diameter, 1000- achene weight, biological seed yield, seed yield per head and per plant were increase through harvest index and decrease seed oil concentration. With increasing the level of nitrogenous fertilizer leaf gas exchange and shoot dry weight parameters improved. However, increase the amount of nitrogen fertilizer by enhancing vegetative growth of aerial parts and physical maturity. If high concentration of nitrogen fertilizer did not impact the leaf of weight but result in more dry weight production per plant. With increase in nitrogen supply, RUE may also be increase but in lower than LAI and IPAR(IntegratedPhoto synthetically Active Radiation).The nitrogen fertilizer is essential nutrient for plant growth, the previous studies shows that higher or less quantity has negative impact on plant growth. Appropriate quantity must be need for better of plant growth. In this review described a best time and accurate amount of fertilizer.


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