Novel approach towards advanced tools in biosciences and their applications

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Research Paper 01/08/2020
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Novel approach towards advanced tools in biosciences and their applications

Faisal Mehmood, Nelofar Ansari, Muhammad Shakir, Qasim Farooq, Tooba Zafar, Kinza Shahid, Haiqa Masoud, Qurat ul Ain, Sania Riasat
J. Bio. Env. Sci.17( 2), 15-21, August 2020.
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Recombinant vaccines have been used for the treatment of various diseases and important advancements have been made in the field of health sciences for prevention of infectious diseases. Recombinant vaccines are those vaccines that rely on the principle of making only a small fragment of antigen responsible for triggering antibodies response. Bacterial expression systems are widely used for their ease of production and higher levels of expression of these vaccines. For vaccines that require post-translational modification we use eukaryotic cells like yeast or mammalian cells. Most of the vaccines that are being synthesized today in recombinant DNA technology are highly purified recombinant proteins. CRISPR is underway to eliminate or rectify the gene causing the cancerous mutation. Microarray is helpful in the identification of differentiation of gene expression after exposure to a toxic chemical to identify which of the tissues or proteins are being affected by that specific toxin or chemical. The microorganisms that live in our guts have been found to legitimately impact numerous aspects of our physiology such as probiotics that containing bacteria used for digestive system. Improvement of engineered pathways and creatures to blend biofuels and medications will proceed.


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