Novel biosynthesized nanosilver impregnated heat modified montmorillonite clay K10 nanocomposites for adsorption of malachite green from aqueous solution

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Research Paper 19/04/2023
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Novel biosynthesized nanosilver impregnated heat modified montmorillonite clay K10 nanocomposites for adsorption of malachite green from aqueous solution

M. Revathy, C. Aswathy, S. Amutha, E. Amutha, T. Madhumitha, E. Pushpalakshmi, R. Venkateshwari, S. Rajaduraipandian, G. Annadurai
J. Bio. Env. Sci.22( 4), 104-117, April 2023.
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We report here the preparation of highly stabilized nanosilver (AgNp) impregnated clay composites by the biological method. Characterizations by various techniques indicate that the silver nanoparticles were intercalated into montmorillonite clay k10 (MMT k10) composite. The adsorption of malachite green dye onto silver nanoparticles impregnated clay (Ag/MMT K10) and calcined clay (Ag/CMMT K10) in aqueous solution was investigated. Experiments were performed out as function of different dosages (1-3g/L). pH (4.7, 6.7 and 8.7) and temperature (30-60oC).The equilibrium adsorption data of cationic dye on both (Ag/MMT K10) and calcined clay (Ag/CMMT K10)  were investigated by Langmuir and Freundlich models. The maximum adsorption capability (k) has been found to be 34.3- 44.3mg/g. High adsorptive nature of the calcined clay Ag/CMMT K10 provided reasonable dye removal capacity. The kinetics of cationic dye adsorption suitably followed the pseudo- first and second order rate expression which shows that intraparticle diffusion plays an important role in the mechanism of adsorption. The experimental results indicate that calcined clay Ag/CMMT K10 is potential material for adsorption of cationic dye from aqueous solutions.


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