Nutrition management effects on grain yield, yield components and some physiological characteristics of bread wheat cultivars

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Research Paper 01/09/2014
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Nutrition management effects on grain yield, yield components and some physiological characteristics of bread wheat cultivars

S. Sh. Jasemi, Gh.Abas. Akbari, Gh. Ali. Akbari, G. Najafian, F. Moradi
Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.5( 3), 1-6, September 2014.
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Nutrition management plays vital role in yield potential of wheat production. In order to investigate the effects of nutrition management on yield, yield components and some physiological characteristics of bread wheat cultivars, this experiment was conducted in karaj SPII (Seed and Plant Improvement Institute) during two cropping seasons 2010-2012. A strip plot experiment with a Randomized Complete Block Design was set up in three replications. Main plots were allocated to nutrition management including: Without fertilizer (control), macronutrient application and macro plus micronutrient application and sub plots were three levels of cultivars. Results showed, that nutrition management effects on grain yield, yield components and some physiological characteristics were significant. Meanwhile, the application of macro plus micronutrient and Parsi Cultivar had the highest grain yield among other treatments in general.


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