Optimization of wastewater partial nitrification in Sequencing Batch Biofilm Reactor (SBBR) at fixed do level

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Research Paper 01/08/2015
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Optimization of wastewater partial nitrification in Sequencing Batch Biofilm Reactor (SBBR) at fixed do level

Mehdi Hajsardar, Seyed Mehdi Borghei, Amir Hessam Hassani, Afshin Takdastan
J. Bio. Env. Sci.7( 2), 189-197, August 2015.
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A fixed-film bed reactor was studied to optimize partial nitrification in wastewater treatment. Nitrogen removal improvement was based on nitritation/denitritaion process in sequencing batch biofilm reactor (SBBR). Carbon source was added to the reactor at fixed dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration to modify simultaneous nitrification/denitrification (SND). In period 1, DO was declined from 1 to 0.5 mg/l during the reactor cycle. In period 2 and 3, DO was fixed at 0.5 mg/l and changing nitrite to nitrogen gas was achieved, directly, while nitrogen loading rate (NLR) and organic loading rate (OLR) were 0.18 kgN/m3d and 1.84 kgCOD/m3d, respectively. In period 2, the increment of nitrite accumulation rate (NAR) was observed but SND efficiency was reduced. C/N ratio was increased from 10 to 12.5 in period 3 to reach SND efficiency, at least, equal to the result of period 1. In period 3 NAR was 71.4 % and SND efficiency was 96%. Partial nitrification in SBBR at fixed DO level of 0.5 mg/l resulted in TN removal efficiency of 97.2 %. Effluent nitrite, nitrate and ammonium were 1.5, 0.6 and 0.7 mg/l, respectively, in period 3. In long term study of selected operation, SND efficiency was higher than 90 %.


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