Performance analysis of direct injection diesel engine using tyre pyrolytic oil blends

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Research Paper 15/07/2022
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Performance analysis of direct injection diesel engine using tyre pyrolytic oil blends

Dr V. Vinod, Dr. G. Resmi
J. Bio. Env. Sci.21( 1), 72-82, July 2022.
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Due to the increased industrialization and urbanization effects the demands of petroleum products have shown a sharp rise. But as these are non-renewable resources, many attempts have been made by researchers to find an alternate fuel. In this context pyrolysis of scrap tyres seems to be a viable option for production of Tyre Pyrolitic Oil [TPO] as a fuel in IC engines, thereby solving the problem of waste tyre disposal. In the present study, TPO blended with diesel under various proportions was tested in a single cylinder, four stroke, water cooled, direct injection engine to evaluate the performance and smoke parameters. Five TPO blends namely B30, B40, B50, B60 and B70 were obtained and tested as fuel in the engine. The performance and smoke parameters were analyzed and compared with those of diesel operations. The results of the investigation indicate that the brake thermal efficiency of the engine fueled with blends decreased marginally compared to that of diesel fuel. And the smoke emissions were found for the TPO blends in comparison with diesel fuel. The comparison results were inferred to suggest an optimum blend which was further subjected to speed variation test and varying injection pressure test to find out the optimum running condition. The results of the test carried out and performance curves plotted are presented in this paper. The investigations lead to a sustainable solution to our energy needs.


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