Performance of hot pepper (Capsicum annuum) as influenced by application of farm manures and foliar fertilizers

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Research Paper 10/07/2023
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Performance of hot pepper (Capsicum annuum) as influenced by application of farm manures and foliar fertilizers

Boyet C. Pattung, Joyce C. Pattung, Angelina T. Gonzales
Int. J. Biosci.23( 1), 141-149, July 2023.
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This study aimed to determine the best combination of farm manures and foliar fertilizers that could give higher yield for hot pepper. It was conducted at Cagayan State University Lal-lo from January-May 2019. The treatments were : T1(Chicken manure +Yield Master (foliar1); T2 (Chicken manure+ Malago (foliar2); T3 (Chicken manure+ No Foliar; T4 (Goat manure+ Yield Master (foliar1); T5 (Goat manure+ Malago (foliar2); T6 (Goat manure+ No Foliar; T7 (Balanced Fertilization+ Yield Master (foliar1); T8 (Balanced Fertilization + Malago (foliar2); and T9 (Balanced Fertilization + No Foliar). Result shows that the okra plants that received Chicken manure+ No Foliar fertilizer (T3) had the tallest plant height at 90 days after transplanting but no significant differences among other treatments. Highest number of marketable fruits means was attained by okra plants that received Goat manure+ Yield Master (foliar1) fertilizer (T4) with significant difference among other treatments. In terms of weight of fruits at 1st and 2nd harvest, okra plants that received Goat manure+ Yield Master (foliar1) (T4) and Goat manure+ No Foliar fertilizer (T6) obtained the highest weight of fruits with a mean of 425.33 g and 1052 g respectively.


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