Phenotypic association and heritability analysis in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes

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Research Paper 01/06/2019
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Phenotypic association and heritability analysis in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes

Junaid Murad, Riaz Ahmed, Muhammad Azam, Muhammad Saeed, Khuda Dost, Bashir Ahmed, Muhammed Naeem, Saduddin Khan
Int. J. Biosci.14( 6), 71-77, June 2019.
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Development of new cultivars with high yield potential is one of the main objectives of most of the wheat improvement programs. In the current study a set of eight bread wheat genotypes were evaluated to determine phenotypic association and heritability analysis for some quantitative traits. Eight bread wheat genotypes were evaluated in a randomized complete block design with three replications at Southern Wheat Research Station, Tandojam. The mean squares from analysis of variance revealed highly significant differences among genotypes for all the studied traits. Based on mean performance, the varieties TD-1 showed outstanding performance for most of the traits, thus can extensively be used as parental materials in upcoming breeding programs. High heritability estimates (h2b.s.) were detected for plant height tillers plant-1, spike length, spikelets spike-1, grains spike-1, seed index and grain yield plant-1.The results showed significant positive correlation among various traits. Tillers plant-1 manifested significant positive associations with grains spike-1 and grain yield plant-1; spike length with seed index and grain yield plant-1. The trait spikelets spike-1 established positive and significant association with seed index; while seed index showed positive and significant correlation with grain yield plant-1. High heritability in broad sense coupled with positive correlation among most the yield related traits indicated that selection  in early generation could be effective and progress for desired traits from selection would be high. The identified superior line (TD-1) could be used in future improvement program to improve yield related attributes.


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