Physico-chemical parameters of four sewage treatment plants in Al-Kut Province and their effected in Tigris River, Iraq

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Research Paper 01/07/2017
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Physico-chemical parameters of four sewage treatment plants in Al-Kut Province and their effected in Tigris River, Iraq

Rasha M. Salman
J. Bio. Env. Sci.11( 1), 257-265, July 2017.
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The aim of the present study is to know the water specification which ejected from Al-Kut sewage treatment plants in the Tigris River the main great river in Iraq and going through Al- Kut City the center of Wasit Province. It is located 32.51 latitude and 45.82 longitudes and it is situated at elevation 22 meters above sea level. Al Kut City has a population of 315,162 making it the biggest city in Wasit. Four sewage treatment plants stations were selected in Al-Kut City, Bimonthly sampling was carried out from January 2016 till December 2016; two samples were taken each month. Station one was AL- Kafaat plants. The second station was AL-Dewan plants, the third station is AL- Anwar plants and the four stations is AL-Karemia plants. In the present study thirteen physical and chemical parameters were selected on the importance of these parameters. These thirteen parameters are ranged as follows:, water temperature 14 to 35 ºC, pH 7 to 8, EC 1330 to 4800 µS/cm, BOD5 45 to 219 mg/L, TDS 1000 to 2600 g/L, TSS 40 to 340 mg/L, NO3-2 ND to 10 mg/L PO4 -2 ND to 19 mg/L, Sulfate 205 to 1028 mg/L, Cl117 to 501 mg/L, NH3 13 to 84 mg/L, NO2= ND to 0.9 mg/L, H2S 3 to 68 mg/L, COD 108 to 614 mg/L and Oil& Greas 35 to 240 mg/L. Concluded from the current study, all wastewater treatment has a direct impact on the water characteristics of the Tigris River.


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