Polymer coating based enhancement of fertilizer use efficiency and growth of wheat crop

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Research Paper 01/02/2019
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Polymer coating based enhancement of fertilizer use efficiency and growth of wheat crop

Rahil Shahzad, Shakeel Akbar, Shakra Jamil, Muhamamd Aslam Javed, Muhammad Waqas Jamil, Noreen Fatima, Muhammad Zaffar Iqbal
Int. J. Biosci.14( 2), 551-561, February 2019.
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Fertilizer is a precious but costly input which boosts production but sideways also increases cost of production. Present study was conducted to check the efficiency of polymer coated fertilizer and its effect on the growth and nutrient uptake of wheat plant. Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN), Nitrophos (NP) and Murate of potash (MOP) were double coated with organic polymer. The treatment combination used includes i.e. T1 = Uncoated NP, CAN and MOP at sowing, T2 = Polymer coated CAN + uncoated NP and MOP at sowing, T3 = Polymer coated NP and CAN + uncoated MOP at sowing, T4 = Polymer coated NP, CAN and MOP at sowing, T5 = Polymer coated CAN 50% at sowing + Polymer coated CAN 50% at 1st irrigation + polymer coated NP and MOP 100% at sowing, were used. Data was recorded on morphological traits and NPK uptake in grains and straw. Treatments having polymer coated fertilizer showed an increased uptake of the respective nutrients. Maximum plant growth, nutrient uptake and nutrient use efficiency was observed in the T5 followed by T4 whereas the lowest growth and NPK uptake were recorded under T1. Hence polymer coated fertilizer enhanced the fertilizer use efficiency, yield and nutrient uptake.


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