Preliminary survey on disease prevalence in dominant massive coral Porites lutea in three reef communities at Sichang Island group, the Eastern Gulf of Thailand

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Research Paper 01/05/2016
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Preliminary survey on disease prevalence in dominant massive coral Porites lutea in three reef communities at Sichang Island group, the Eastern Gulf of Thailand

Pongsa Angkhananukroh, Sirusa Kritsanapuntu, Nilnaj Chaitanawisuti, Somkiat Piyatiratitivorakul
J. Bio. Env. Sci.8( 5), 108-115, May 2016.
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Three shallow-water reef communities at Sichang Island groups, the Eastern Gulf of Thailand were chosen for diseases assessment in dominant massive coral Porites lutea during summer month and rainy season in 2014. Sites were selected to represent reefs that were relatively undisturbed (Khang Khao Island) and reefs that have been impacted by anthropogenic influences from human activity (Kham Yai and Kham Noi Islands). Results showed that a total of 5 coral diseases (pink line syndrome, White Plague Disease, White Patch Disease, Yellow Band Disease and Growth Anomaly) were found in P. lutea. Pink line syndrome (PLS) was the highest prevalent disease occurred in P. lutea for all study sites and both summer and rainy seasons. Total infected colony and PLS prevalence in P. lutea during summer was significantly lower than those in rainy season for all study sites (P<0.05). This study provides preliminary baseline data on the occurrence of coral diseases within the shallow water reef communities of the Eastern Gulf of Thailand for further reef management and monitoring of coral disease outbreak in Thai waters.


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