Present status of fish biodiversity and socio-economic conditions of fishermen of the Kannayadaha baor, Jashore, Bangladesh

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Research Paper 01/03/2021
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Present status of fish biodiversity and socio-economic conditions of fishermen of the Kannayadaha baor, Jashore, Bangladesh

Anusree Biswas, Jinia Karim Tripti, Md. Almamun Farid, Md. Habibur Rahman, Sudipta Ghosh
Int. J. Biosci.18( 3), 120-126, March 2021.
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The present study was conducted to investigate fish species, fishing gear diversity as well as socio-economic conditions of fishermen of kannyadaha baor, Sarsha, Jashore. Total 50 fishermen were selected randomly for questionnaire interview and FGD from January 2020 to December 2020. Total 22 species of fishes under 6 orders and 10 families were recorded throughout the year. Various types of fishing net were used which are cast net, lift net, seine net and gill net. The fishermen age varies from 15-75 where maximum age ranges from 31-45. Both male and female people were involved in fishing of which male 94% and female 6%. The fishermen (54%) mainly lived in the small family. Married and unmarried were 84% and 16%. Fishermen (66%) used semi-pacca latrine followed by 24% used kacca latrine and remaining 10% used pacca latrine. Most of the fishermen can sign (42%) whereas small proportion (30%) completed the primary level. Religion status were Muslim (86%) and Hindu (14%). The majority (54%) were lived in house made by tin wall with tin shed. Among the fisherman, 56% depend on village doctors for medical support. About 78% fishermen acquired training. Fishermen completely depended on fishing (80%) and only 20% were engaged with alternative income activities. Yearly income was varied from (40000-100000) Tk. of them (64%) yearly income ranges from 60000 to 79000 Tk. Lack of awareness, proper knowledge, inadequate financial supports, illiteracy are major constraints to improve their social status. GOs and NGOs should come forward to improve their socio-economic condition.


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