Production of grafted cacao seedlings in dry Season: Its survival and profitability

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Research Paper 28/07/2022
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Production of grafted cacao seedlings in dry Season: Its survival and profitability

Maribel L. Fernandez
Int. J. Biosci.21( 1), 1-7, July 2022.
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The study aimed to assess the survivability and profitability of cacao seedlings production using the grafting technique. Specifically, it aims also to produce at least 1,000 grafted cacao seedlings of the five different varieties of cacao (K1, K2, BR25, ICS40, and UF18) during dry cropping seasons while earning at least Php60.00 each seedling. Cacao seedlings and scion rootstock were obtained from several cacao types and used in this investigation. Cleft grafting was performed by connecting the rootstock and scion until they were permanently united and continued to develop as one plant. In this study, it is concluded that the five varieties of cacao (K1, K2, BR25, ICS40 and UF18) are all suitable for the cleft grafting method. However, in terms of the survival rate of different varieties, UF18 has better survival. Also, the study was able to attain its objectives and generated Php42,356.00 net income with an ROI of 240.06% for the dry season. Therefore, the study is considered highly profitable. This type of business is recommended for small businesses and young entrepreneurs because manpower and machinery are optional and are guaranteed a convenient type of business for small-scale farmers. Furthermore, the five varieties of cacao were suitable for the cleft grafting technique. However, in terms of the survival rate, it is recommended that proper selection of scion, the expertise of a person, cleanliness of the tools and most importantly, the compatibility of the stock and scion must be considered. Moreover, another trial must be confirmed and give a more conclusive result.


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