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Production of pectinase by Aspergillus niger cultured in solid state media

Research Paper | February 1, 2011

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Nazneen Akhter, M Alam Morshed, Azim Uddin, Feroza Begum, Tipu Sultan, Abul Kalam Azad

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Int. J. Biosci.1( 1), 33-42, February 2011


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Solid state fermentation was carried out with 7 fungal strains, obtained from different sources. Among 7 isolates Aspergillus niger, IM-6 was found as effective pectinase producer. Maximum enzymatic activity (142.44U/gm) was observed after 7 days incubation at 40˚C temperature in 750 ml conical flask. In this study 1.69% (NH4)2SO4 was used as nitrogen source, although peptone as a nitrogen source showed better result but use of peptone was not cost effective. As a substrate, wheat bran and potato starch showed good result (85.54U/gm) in solid state culture. Addition of 9.68% pectin was found to increase the enzyme production as 116.57U/gm. Pectinase production was optimum in 60% moisture (98.34U/gm). Aeration showed positive effects on pectinase production (136.86U/gm) at 750 ml flask than 1000 ml flask. Thus the wild strain Aspergillus niger IM-6 has outstanding pectinase producing capability at 40C in 60% initial moisture content for 7 days of incubation in solid state fermentation.


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Production of pectinase by Aspergillus niger cultured in solid state media

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