Propagation of Ternstroemia cameroonensis: an approach towards the conservation of a critically endangered medicinal plant species in the Lebialem highlands, Cameroon

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Research Paper 01/12/2021
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Propagation of Ternstroemia cameroonensis: an approach towards the conservation of a critically endangered medicinal plant species in the Lebialem highlands, Cameroon

Francoline Jong Nkemnkeng, Mendi Grace Anjah, Walter Ndam Tacham, Christiana Ngyete Nyikob Mbogue, Victor-François Nguetsop
J. Bio. Env. Sci.19( 6), 145-158, December 2021.
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This study was carried out to investigate the regeneration potential of Ternstroemia cameroonensis Cheek. a critically endangered medicinal plant in the Lebialem Highlands, Cameroon by seeds and stem cuttings. Air dried seeds were subjected to abrasion with sand paper, soaked in hot water and 98% concentrated sulphuric acid at various duration. Seeds pre-treated with 98% concentrated sulphuric acid for 1 minute (T21), 3 minutes (T22) had the best latent period 43.6 and 41.25 days respectively. There was a significant difference in the germination percentage, with seed soaked in 98% concentrated sulphuric acid for 3 minutes (T22) having the highest germination percentage (20%) followed by those soaked in 98% concentrated sulphuric acid for 6 minutes (T23) with a germination percentage of 12.22%. Early growth performances of seedlings were not significant. All seeds subjected to abrasion with sand paper and those soaked in hot water at various duration failed to germinate. In addition, rooting of stem cuttings was significantly affected by the application of synthetic hormones as well as alternative sources. The best survival percentage of stem cuttings was in coconut water (CW) (28.7%) followed by IBA (22.75%). Stem cuttings with 50% leaf area had the best survival percentage (34.9%) compared to others. Low concentrations of IBA (0.5g/l and 0.2g/l) and soaking in CW for 4 h had the best performance.


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