Removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solutions using solvent impregnated resin containing 1,4-diaminoantraquinone before the determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry

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Research Paper 01/02/2014
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Removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solutions using solvent impregnated resin containing 1,4-diaminoantraquinone before the determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry

Fatemeh Abedi, Mohammad Saeid Hosseini, Raheleh Zhiani, Ali Reza Motavalizadeh, Zohreh Ebrahimi
J. Bio. Env. Sci.4( 2), 245-252, February 2014.
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This study is a simultaneous separation and pre concentration of Pb (II) ion from water samples befor determination with flame atomic absorption spectrometric. It is based on sorption of Pb(II) at the buffering pH of 8, on a mini column(10cm length and 5mm internal diameter) packed with 0.7 g Amberlite XAD-16 resin impregnated with chelating agent of 1,4-diaminoantraquinone (DAAQ). After passing of sample solution from the column, elution process was carried out with passing of 5 mL 2M HCl into column and then subjected to FAAS for the determination. The sample and eluent flow rate, eluent concentration and ionic strength effect were investigated and optimized. RSD, LOD (3sb/m), recovery were found to be 2.8%, 1.8×10-9 M, 92.95% respectively.


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