Reproductive performance of the Philippine’s Caraga black native chicken

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Research Paper 10/12/2022
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Reproductive performance of the Philippine’s Caraga black native chicken

Tomas M. Austral Jr., Benecar B. Olaybar, Shernelyn S. Palma, Escolastico S. Cagatin, Lutess P. Canizares-Gallardo
J. Bio. Env. Sci.21( 6), 178-183, December 2022.
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The Philippines’ native chickens’ role in the country’s economy was recognized as early as 1998. However, no studies have been conducted about the Philippines’ Caraga black native chicken. This study evaluated the reproductive performance of the Caraga’s black native chicken. A total of 40 heads of native chickens (eight roosters and 32 hens) aged 30 weeks old were utilized as test animals. These test animals are the product of the breeding and purification project of the Caraga black native chicken. The findings revealed that the Caraga black native chickens have an average egg production of 110 eggs per year, an average egg weight of 45.5 grams, an 85% fertility rate, an 84% hatchability rate, and a livability rate of 81%. In addition, the hen’s age was observed to affect egg production, present fertility and hatchability.


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