Response of oil palm nursery seedlings to soil amended with oil palm mesocarp fibre

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Research Paper 01/10/2018
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Response of oil palm nursery seedlings to soil amended with oil palm mesocarp fibre

F. Ekhator, O. A. Ogundipe, B. Gansah, C. E. Ikuenobe
Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.13( 4), 7-14, October 2018.
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In processing fresh fruit bunches into palm oil in Nigeria; enormous waste including monocarp fibres discharged from the mill has great potentials to be recycled as valuable agricultural input. In view of this, eight months old oil palm mesocarp fibres (OMF) from the dump site at the Okomu Oil Palm estate were mixed with soil in the ratio of 0gOMF + 100%soil(v/v), 25% OMF + 75% soil (v/v), 50%OMF + 50% soil (v/v), 75% OMF + 25% soil(v/v) and 100% OMF+ 0% soil (v/v); to substitute for the whole soil which is the conventional practicein growing oil palm nursery seedlings. The results showed that fibre/soil based media had better seedlings dry weight of 0.95kg, 0.95kg and 0.9 kg respectively and also had superior leaf Mgup take of 0.44%, 0.43% and 0.44% respectively. Leaf K uptake was highest in soil based media alone with value of 0.91%.Soil/fibre based media of 25% mesocarp fibre and 75% soil(v/v)had better leaf nitrogen uptake of 3.9%. Phosphorus uptake by leaf was similar in all the treatments with value of 0.03% each. Soil/fibre based media of 25% mesocarp fibre and 75% soil(v/v)had the highest base circumference, height, number of leaves, leaf area and dry weight of 26.66cm, 152.3cm, 13.35, 0.43m-2and 1.2 kg seedlings-1 respectively. This result concluded that media of 25% mesocarp fibre and 75% soil (v/v) will be sufficient in growing oil palm seedlings.


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