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Revision of vespid Wasps (Hymenoptera; Vespidae) in Iraq

Research Paper | March 1, 2017

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Razzaq Shalan Augul

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.10( 3), 99-111, March 2017


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A key to the recognized subfamilies and genera of Vespidae that collected in current investigations from different localities of Iraq are presented. A total of 10 species are recorded: Eumenes pomiformis (Fabricius), Odynerus spinipes (Linnæus), Delta esuriens (Fabricius), D. dimidiatipenne (de Saussure), Stenodynerus sp., Polistes gallicus (Linnaeus), P. wattii Cameron, Vespa orientalis Linnaeus, Vespula germanica (Fabricius) and V. vulgaris (Linnaeus).


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Revision of vespid Wasps (Hymenoptera; Vespidae) in Iraq

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