Rodents and some non-volant mammals of Mt. Tangkulan Range, Central Mindanao, Philippines

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Research Paper 01/01/2019
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Rodents and some non-volant mammals of Mt. Tangkulan Range, Central Mindanao, Philippines

Noel E. Lagunday, Veneracion G. Cabana, Harold C. Armecin, Novo M. Sabas, Jose A. Escarlos Jr., Alma B. Mohagan
J. Bio. Env. Sci.14( 1), 8-14, January 2019.
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The Philippines is known for its diverse mammal fauna and its mammal assemblages with high endemism. The study provides information on the species richness, composition and status of rodents across vegetation types and other non-volant mammals in the in Mt. Pinamantawan, Tangkulan range. The mountain remains partly explored due to political instability and other security concerns. Inventory of rodents and other mammals in Mt. Pinamantawan, Tangkulan range documented 9 species distributed to 7 families, and 8 genera. Of these, five are endemic species and one vulnerable species. The mountain being haven to vulnerable and endemic species of rodents and other mammals, threatened by deforestation, habitat loss, primitive trapping and hunting calls for conservation efforts by the stakeholders.


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