Root initiation of Lipote (Syzygium polycephaloides (C.B.Rob.) Merr.) cuttings using growth hormones

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Research Paper 22/04/2023
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Root initiation of Lipote (Syzygium polycephaloides (C.B.Rob.) Merr.) cuttings using growth hormones

Melanie A. Ibarra, Shierel F. Vallesteros
Int. J. Biosci.22( 4), 140-147, April 2023.
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Lipote (Syzygium polycephaloides) is a Philippines indigenous tree. Despite its nutritional benefits, there were only limited researches about its propagation. Thus, this study investigated the effect of growth hormones (IBA and Hormex) on lipote cuttings. The study consisted of ten treatments that laid-out in two factorial Complete Randomized Design (CRD), wherein factor A were the two different growth hormones and factor B were the various concentrations. Each treatment was replicated by four and 8 cuttings per treatment. The study was terminated after 45 days. Results revealed that the interaction between growth hormones and level of concentrations had a substantial effect on percent shooting and percent callusing of lipote cuttings, but no significant differences were found on percent survival, percent rooting, number of adventitious roots, mean shoot length and number of shoots.


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