Rooting ability and early growth performance of Supa (Sindora supa Merr.) stem cuttings at varied indolebutyric acid concentrations

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Research Paper 06/05/2023
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Rooting ability and early growth performance of Supa (Sindora supa Merr.) stem cuttings at varied indolebutyric acid concentrations

Ruby Anne T. Antonio, Shierel F. Vallesteros, Cecille C. Diamante
Int. J. Biosci.22( 5), 81-87, May 2023.
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The study evaluated the rooting ability and early growth performance of Supa (Sindora supa Merr.) stem cuttings at varied indolebutyric acid (IBA) concentrations. The stem cuttings were planted in a polyethylene bag and were monitored inside the closed chamber for 45 days. The study used a completely randomized design (CRD) with five treatments (250ppm, 500ppm, 750ppm, and, 1000ppm) that were replicated four times. The result of the study shows that there were significant differences among treatment mean in percent shooting, percent rooting and number of adventitious roots, percent callusing, and number of leaves. Among the various IBA concentrations applied, 750ppm got the highest result in terms of percent shooting, percent rooting, length of shoots, length of adventitious roots, number of leaves, and the percent callusing. In contrast, the survival percentage of T5 (1000ppm) got the highest rate compared with other treatments. Therefore, 750ppm is highly recommended for the rooting ability of Supa (Sindora supa Merr.) stem cuttings.


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