Salinity and temperature tolerance of snapping shrimps (Alpheus sp.)

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Research Paper 01/02/2022
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Salinity and temperature tolerance of snapping shrimps (Alpheus sp.)

Ludripas L Jean, Aizel B Lugo, Lhorlyn C Ramo, Maria Danesa S Rabia
Int. J. Biosci.20( 2), 378-382, February 2022.
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This study aims to identify the survival rate of snapping shrimps at different levels of salinity. The different levels of salinity used were T1-0ppt, T2-10ppt, T3-20ppt, T4-25ppt, and T5-35ppt) with three replications. The experiment was laid out in a Complete Randomized Block Design (RCBD) with five (5) treatments. One way ANOVA was used to test the significance among the treatments with the ratio of one liter per sample. Results showed that snapping shrimp at zero (0) percent ppt died at day 1. While other treatment such as the 10ppt got 53.3%, 20ppt (63.3%), 35ppt and 56.7% survival rate. Highest percent survival of 90% was obtained at 25ppt. The temperature and salinity are at optimum level which is 30.7% and 25ppt respectively. The level of tolerable salinity of the snapping shrimp is at 25 ppt as observed in the percent survival obtained. Results suggest that salinity stress test survival rate gives the fisher folks an avenue that snapping shrimps is a good potential for culture.


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